Salt Road exhibition, forum, workshop and artist residency program at PADA for Lisbon Art Weekend 2022, for Sluice. A non-profit artist and curator-led initiative that since 2011 has worked exclusively with other non-profit artist and curator-led initiatives.

Sluice strategically adopts structures in order to showcase artist, curator and emergent discourse, projects and galleries. The focus is transnationally local, Sluice publishes an eponymous biannual magazine.

PADA is an artist-led, non-profit arts organisation based in Barreiro in Lisbon’s South Bay, located within the old Companhia União Fabril (CUF) industrial park. Created in 2018, PADA provides artists with a space to develop their practice, interact with other artists, and explore new approaches in a post-industrial environment.

Salt Road artists Jaime Jackson and Sally Payen worked at PADA studios to create new work on the theme of Territory for exhibition as well as organizing a Salt road workshop and Climate Declares Emergency artist talk.

Sally Payen presenting her work
Jaime Jackson’s moving image installation at PADA

Jaime produced a plankton AI moving image work, with AI bred plankton portraits layered over footage from the shoreline of post-industrial chemically toxic wastelands around Barreiro, Lisbon.

Sally Payen’s work at the Lisbon Art Weekend exhibition
PADA residency
The exhibition featured 37 artist and curator led projects from 17 countries in 17 venues.
Salt Road round table forum with 8 artists projects that worked with nature for Culture Declares Emergency at PADA

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