The Sign of the Underground is a nature based visual art commission program for nine artists, creating visual Biophilic (love of nature) artworks, co-production community workshops and exhibitions. Creating symbols to navigate underground and underwater tendrils connecting people and species, the rural and urban.

An artist-led gathering of 3 areas of subterranean tendrils which includes:

1. The latest scientist research on the wood wide web’s mycorrhizal network (that connects the roots of trees and fungi), Biophilia (love of nature), fossil fuel extraction and environmental justice.

 2. Linking these hidden pathways with what is underfoot in cities and towns, (pollution, pipes. cables, water).

3. Connecting nature with underground grass roots eco-movements and marginalized communities.   

We want to approach a series of relational workshops, exhibitions and experiences. Creating proactive agency between artists and communities West to East across England from North Herefordshire to Birmingham and East Anglia with the blue and green (water ways and parks) places around them. To help participants become more able to adapt to the earth crisis and cope with eco-anxiety.

The project tells us we are nature and that nature is creative, we can all feel this through our imagination. That our artists working with our community, public, research, nature conservation, and sustainability partners will help us connect to and engage with many people in the project.